This is an app

A Minute is a mobile app where friends can send and receive minutes to do absolutely nothing. 

–Concept Development, User Research, Interaction &Graphic Design –

A Minute recognizes that our phones are the source of much of our distraction, but utilizes the device as an ally, the necessary structure, for tapping into the void. The app simply allows friends to send and receive minutes to sit back and enjoy doing nothing. 

The navigation is straightforward, with only two main options. You can either send a minute or use a minute that has been sent to you. The minutes are ephemeral and only last an hour. They slip away after that period. 

The minutes are ephemeral and only last an hour

When you initiate a minute, the phone is automatically put into sleep mode. After a quick animation indicating that the minute has started, the screen clears and is blank for the remainder of the time. Quick encouragement pops up at the end of each minute, changing each time. Understanding the importance of accountability, A Minute lets the sender know that you have taken the time to enjoy to minute they gifted you, encouraging you to actually use the minute before it slips away. 

The concept for A Minute builds upon a practice I implemented with my graduate classmates. I initiated a minute of silence at the beginning of each of our classes during our thesis year. 

Taking into consideration findings from my research into the benefits of practiced silence and my personal experience with meditation, I wanted to share absence with my peers. This minute of silence was adopted as a daily ritual. Throughout the course of the year, over 100 silent minutes were shared. 

You can see my research into the benefits of practiced silence and boredom in my thesis book, The Void.